Kissing foolishness goodbye, some more

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Commentary, For brothers, For pastors, For sisters

I call to your attention this on-line posting by Josh Harris, Senior Pastoral authority at the Sovereign Grace Ministry’s flagship church. Of particular note to me is the acknowledgement of harm done to fellow believers in the area of their approaches to dating.

I have greater issues with some of the methodologies and thinking in the SGM movement than just this, but this is a huge thing.

In my lifetime I have both witnessed and experienced pastoral abuse of the type vaguely referred to insofar as dating and courtship is concerned. I imagine that ministries like and helped in their own way to bring the Holy Spirit’s light — and the light of open discussion — to these things. Time will tell if real change is coming to SGM.

Why comment on these matters again? Because of the way some single Christian men have been treated in some fellowships for things like taking a woman out to eat, or otherwise socializing with her in purity. These things being both sinful and offensive to the man as well as his Father.

  1. ladyelaine80 says:

    Yes, you’re right. Some of the men have been treated horribly for actually taking initiative, because when it really gets down to it, I don’t think that we(Church communities and leadership) clearly say what mean, mean what we say, and stand behind it, and I also don’t think there’s enough dialogue regarding the areas of gray, especially in the area of relationships, dating, and courtships.

    You’ve witnessed and experienced this as a Christian man, while as a single Christian woman, I’ve been in an environment where the emphasis as a woman is to become a wife and mother without any clarification that those roles and duties are separate from my value and identity as a Christian. It seems there is a constant motion of extremes, and never an endeavor to exercise balance.

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