Credo #28: The Tithe

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Credo, For brothers, For pastors

For the purposes of this Credo, I am using the notion of “Tithe” as a 10% levee on all your economic increase, mandatorily payable to your local fellowship.

God may want your tithe as badly as some churches do. But He has not; I repeat, has not, mandated your performing economic ritual of this type as the price of admission to being adopted as His son, or of enjoying fellowship with Him.

Your church may think this; they are wrong; they might just as well fib to you that the geologic age of the earth is around 10,000 years old or so; or that Christ did not create real wine from water; or some other such elaboration upon foolishness.

In some other post I will take the time to explain the “why” of this.

A short elaboration of this simple idea follows:

– It is not required of you for your salvation.

– No man has the standing to demand this of you.

– It is not required of you for your continued walk with God, unless He has pressed you to do this; in which case you will by an act of disobedience hinder His purposes.

– He may press you to do this for a season; or for your life, for that matter.

– It is not a part of orthodox historical christianity; claims from the pulpit notwithstanding.

– Prepare for heavy rolls and rough seas if you dig your heels in on this. You are acting as salt and light. You may even be sent away.

– All of this is some other discussion than a discussion about how you should and must support your fellowship and betimes be of aid to other believers, other fellowships, and/or people in need outside the fold.

Look for a coming post on economic thought, which is also a separate matter.


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