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Posted: July 31, 2011 in For brothers

For awhile now I’ve been lurking at the blog of Pukeko, someone whom I think but am not sure is another single Christian man.

I want to commend his blog and writings to you, and today link to one that happened to speak deeply to me. Blessings on this writer from New Zealand. Good on you, mate.

John Immel, who edits the blog “SpiritualTyranny” has put his thinking cap on and written something worth your time to digest. Yes, it is long, and wordy .. but so necessary.

In Credos 37 and in #38 (the latter a link to John Eldedge’s writings) I tried in much feebler fashion to give voice to what Mr. Immel has written recently about specific and recent events in the Sovereign Grace movement.

Please do reflect that in my editing of the material on this blog I have consciously edited with an eye toward making the material purposefully more “generic” than specific. By linking to his essay I feel the need, then, to give a little back story. To boil it down, we have witnessed a church movement go off the rails with their approaches to church life, pastoral authority, and church discipline. Mr. Immel writes about SGM for his own reasons, which I infer have a lot to do with his love for them. I don’t link to his essay out of any specific animus towards SGM church goers or pastors; but I do have animus against the kinds of thinking and actions that are the fruit of their often, but not always, misplaced and misguided theology.

So: The take away is this quote …

“..there is a big difference between being logically consistent and using the tools of logic to create a rational castle that shields men from critical review.”

If you are a single Christian woman wondering where the single Christian men have all gone, you need to deeply reflect on

a) What it means to be a man


b) What it means to a man to be in a place where he feels he must chose between his God given masculinity (which includes his mind) and forbearing with people who “….shield men from critical review…”.

These are not things that are resolved with the gooey, sentimental feeling that comes from singing songs together, which either may or may not be His presence; nor hugs in the parking lot. Men are different.

If you are a single or married Christian man you know in your deepest heart that we are called to be brothers of He who called us brothers. HIS brothers. Reflect on that while your read this essay, which I say is worth your time, even if you are not in a church that acts like this. Some of your brothers are.

Great posting from Ransomed Heart ministries. One of the reasons you can’t get the single man into the organized fellowship is because of the shallow grounding that is, at times, even encouraged; rather than corrected, in the community of believers.