The Thinking Housewife

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Other people's writing

See this posting by “The Thinking Housewife” on feminism, viewed through the prism of the fiction of C. S. Lewis.*

There are feminists and there are feminists; and there are misandrists. Pray take away from the essay what the essay gives to you; not which you project onto it.

*Yes, the link is in fact to someone else’s writing the Housewife’s. But I want you to check out her site as well.

  1. ladyelaine80 says:

    A bit of a of dizzy read. My real fear is that my differences from the men will be labeled as deficiencies and justification for ill-treatment, disrespect, and dogmatic dominance. The same goes for the woman-good man-bad line of thinking. Could it be that the real issue is that we base so much of the worth of our sex through a competitive lens instead of a cooperative one? I’m just thinking out loud here.

    • Anonymous says:

      singlextian here: yes, Ms. Elaine. We should be thinking complementarily rather than competivively, allowing for differences not only between genders but ways in which we are alike. … And ways in which people of both genders differ from the norm. I have elsewhere written that Christianity is not the “cure” for masculinity; neither do I mean to say that Christianity is the “cure” for feminiinity, either.

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