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On a Christian Dating Site…

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Commentary

Seen recently on ChristianCafe: A woman who states that she wants “her man to be an extension of her.”

Seen just now, in response to a Cafe question prompt about how their last relationship ended: “Well, that’s a BIG question isn’t it?? ha! Do you want me to tell you it was on Biblical grounds? If you are THAT type of person to ask this, then we probably won’t be a good match anyway! 😉

I was in recent months at a small group hosted by the fellowship I affiliate with, and met a man who asked me if I was married. I said, “no, divorced. And biblically free.” What does that mean, “biblically free?” He asked me.

These are, of course, outliers. But outliers are useful for marking the frontier, aren’t they?