Credo #25: Brother Ass

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Credo

The idea of calling one’s body “Brother Ass” comes from Francis of Assisi; who said this in the context of describing his body as being an ass; i.e. a stubborn animal that needed to be controlled; a fine idea.

This Credo amplifies this idea a bit and reinforces the idea that your body is God-given to you.  The take-away idea here is that the  location of your sin nature is not in your physical body – though controlling your body and not being ruled by its appetites is a necessary spiritual discipline.      The idea that the body’s appetites – hunger, exercise, sleep, the pursuit of a mate, and so forth — are inherently evil is subtle.    You may protest that you have never heard this told from a pulpit; but on reflection I think you will say that the last appetite mentioned is one that is in fact treated as evil in itself; male in se.      Your sin nature can be expressed by the actions of the body; don’t hear what I am not saying.   Hear rather what I am saying.


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