Credo #24: The Disease

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Credo

The HIV virus, which is the causative agent for the disease in humans called AIDS, is a nasty little pest.  It works its mayhem in the host by causing that very part of it, the immune system, to pump out copies of itself.  The body thinks it is doing its proper work instead of hastening its end.

The take-away idea for this Credo:  Your adversary is going to try to defeat you by getting you to do the work for him.   Perhaps bad theology being a harsh taskmaster; perhaps your own rationalization of bad decisions that are yours to make and not another’s.    Your own arrogance.  Your own physical or emotional untempered appetites which have the potential  to rule you in a moment when your hindbrain is doing the driving instead of your cerebrum – God gave you both for different kinds of situations, of course.     It could be someone else’s actions and words that devastate you; I am not promoting a Hegelian idea that you should be a strong and isolated Island.    I am saying that you need a healthy immune system in the metaphorically spiritual way (and, of course, in the physical 🙂  ).   You don’t want your “immune” system turned against you.


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