Credo #17: His Hand

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you believe that His hand of protection can be taken from nations; you should infer it can be taken from individuals.    Whether this comes about because one steps outside of His specific leading in a hostile environment; whether He himself takes one to a desert from that one does not return; all this is trite.    It’s not about Him wanting to bust you.   It’s about the idea that His protection is not something you have because you deeply feel you should have it, regardless of your actions.    If it pleases His majesty, He can send you down the mouth of a metaphorical dragon; which you might be pleased to do if you don’t trip over your own feet.    I can’t say that He would not cover you in His grace in such a time   …  I just mean to say that you can not presume on His gracious protective hand; any more than a nation can.


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