Credo #15: The Fertilizer

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Credo

Once I saw in a catalog for a garden soil supplement a series of pictures taken of a plant; examples of which were grown in soil that had been caused to be deplete in various elements or substances.    Here, a plant might have yellowish, sickly leaves … in another example; growth would be stunted.  In yet another the plant might be deformed.

Assuredly, one cannot learn the whole of this Way …  We are all seeing in part.   And what one needs to grow is not necessarily what another needs to grow.   Assuredly, you are not going to get anywhere by relying solely on your favorite pastor, teacher; or even blog!

My point is two fold:  My intention in this blog has been create something like fertilizer, if you will.   I am hopeful, as I draw it soon to something like completion, that I have added supplements to your ‘diet’ that may have been lacking or driven out from you in your fellowship.   It is also to point out, to repeat, that what you lack personally, your Father knows; and this has a bearing in how your Christian life will play out.  Trying to be a clone of someone else is not going to succeed because you are different and unique, and on your own path.  Thus one might serve one way; another might train another.    …All still part of what the demons see as an army, terrible with banners, spread out through time and space.

Eat your fertilizer.  🙂


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