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Harsh saying #3

Posted: May 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

“If a woman is generally not opposed to no – fault divorce as a concept in civil law, she is not generally supportive of the idea of marriage as a concept in civil law.”

I must add the proviso of “generally* because I cannot fathom why what a civil authority says has any bearing on the question of how God views the marriage.  I can conceive of people legally separated, say, while one partner awaits the other’s return to God and neither partner has committed adultery.    One might be legally divorced but waiting for God to move on the heart of the straying but as yet not unfaithful spouse.  … But these are straining at gnats instead of swallowing camels.  If I woman cannot articulate the significance of the particulars relating to civil divorce, and yet demands civil marriage, she may not understand marriage as God understands it in the realm of the Spirit.

If you are going to be more self-directed than most (and I think the unfolding chaos around us is going to call for this), then you must be more self-dsciplined.

Note that I did not exalt the will as the most important thing; nor did I say that your will makes a thing right for you or even good for you.