Credo #13: The Scholar

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Credo

The Holy Spirit, the presence of God in the earth, can manifest as is needed in different times and places; whether by subtly revealing things — even to the secular man!  — the things of nature as well as the things of God.

In one age, He might be leading men to create the Vulgate, that men from all tongues and nations could study and learn from each other; in another age, He might be leading a Tyndale to put the word of God into the hands and mind of a plow-boy.   All the same Spirit, working for God’s purposes.

The point of this Credo is not about bible translations; but rather that God is not upset at you for seeking knowledge, whether this be the things of God or the things of nature, His other book.   He is not anti-scholarly.    And you do not serve his purposes by imagining or thinking that you serve Him by reproving those who genuinely seek to understand.


If you really do wish to be a scholar, then act like one; and do not be dismayed at what comes you way when you find understanding.

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