Lifeboat and Mutiny

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Other people's writing, Relationship thoughts

Ian Ironwood is the pseudonym of the author who writes this piece at his blog.  He describes himself as a pagan, and also seems to have some peripheral role in what he calls the “sex industry”.    Fine.  I’m pulling the pin on the grenade on that one.   He has more wisdom than half of some pastors on certain topics.     The linked article is one of those wisdom – filled pieces you should think on.   The organized fellowship is sometimes full of women who are happy to help a woman think the worst of her man or to try to cloud her thinking in other ways; and who are not even aware that they are doing this.    Some of them, frankly, are.     Think on this piece and meditate on it.    If you marry, there will be two people in the marriage.  Neither the pastor, your best friend, or her best friend, are the other person.      The community has its place in a marriage, and the marriage in the community, for that matter.    But the place for that community is behind you and with you — not between you two.  And a whining, complaining “best friend” for her does not a community make.


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