Credo #5.1: The Survivor

Posted: October 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Life is not rational; nor does God seem to intend it even be so.     Suffering can be unjust; you can be “not guilty” and yet bear the cost of a fallen world, or another’s bad decisions.     And God, whose ways are not ours, might not seem to give a damn.  Yet there is a difference between some survivors of misfortune and some others. I might yet in this life be able to express the idea here; but I must for now sit and allow a master to speak; someone not even of the Faith. Expanded commentary:   “God, according to God” by Gerald Schroder, an Orthodox Jew and Physicist, in chapter 7, “In defense of G-d”.

Spoiler:  “..Having the God-given right to argue with God, to demand righteousness in the world, does not restore the physical losses of misfortune, but having that right to argue with God empowers us to bring that complaint to the source of all creation with the awareness that it will be heard.   And though this does not necessarily ameliorate our physical pain, it does weaken the mental bind that tragedy can bring, allowing us, as did Job, to move beyond the past.  We’ve learned from Job that in God’s world pain does not necessarily imply guilt.  The joy and the grief we encounter on our journey are not always the direct workings of God, which of course means that we too are the partners in the making of our world.”


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