Credo #2: The Fence

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have a few acquaintances who are Orthodox Jews, who keep kosher kitchens.   For those of you familiar with this, it involves certain observations and practices to maintain this state.   An example I will use for this Credo is that of handling (i.e. washing, using) the dishes that contain milk separately from the dishes that contain certain meats.    The root of this practice is a commandment given by God to the Jews in the Old Testament to not “cook a calf in its mother’s milk”.     Such as I understand the commentary about this, it is not clear why God made this command.   It may have been a way for them to separate themselves from the surrounding religious practices, it might have been for reasons of hygiene; addressing some matter we can not see from our time.     The point I wish to draw out is that because of a desire to avoid breaking this command, which they believe holds true for them today, they handle the dishes the way they do.

By holding to a diligent and far-reaching standard related to dishes, they will not, even by accident, come close to breaking the rule, or standard, they wish to avoid breaking.  Even by accident.

My point in this Credo is that there are “fences” that some people in the Church make that are like this.   And some can be quite ridiculous.    A couple can be tossed out of an Assembly of God church (note: I said “can” — not “will”) for having a wedding dance, since the Assemblies (and I was baptised by Thomas Trask – I know whereof I speak) think that all dancing is forbidden.     I knew a Baptist who was horrified to find that orange juice has a fraction of a percentage of naturally occurring alcohol in it.   He wondered for a fractional percentage of a second if he had to stop drinking OJ, since for that fraction of a second it was in the same mental category he had for wine.   Which, by the way, is not “grape juice” in the Greek of the New Testament.   See Credo #3 in relation to that grape juice thing.


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