Credo #3: Skin Effect

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

I borrow a term from Electrical Engineering, this being “Skin Effect”.  Basically, for us less than tech-savvy, it means that an alternating current at high enough frequencies, traveling in a conductor, can ironically create a magnetic field that causes the electrons in the current to be pushed up against the edges of the conducting wire, thus creating resistance against the flow of the current.   It hurts itself, basically.    I suppose I would welcome a more tech-savvy explanation, but I am only trying to create a mental picture, here.  The point is not about the physics of God’s creation but rather the sociology of many Christians, as well as the psychology they bring to bear on their thinking.

Somewhere between Singlextianman blog I and II I lost my way; lost my faith.  Some of this was due to gagging on bad teaching, some of it bad or less than wise behaviour on my part; but I mention a story to try to flesh out the idea, here.    I was sorely looking for answers to my questions about tithing — I was looking for answers like “what is the nature of this curse that God puts on non-tithers?” and “where are the pre-Nicene witnesses to this idea?” and so forth.  I had ten questions like that or so.     Somewhere around when I had six questions, I was told by an associate pastor at my local Vineyard simply (I simplify) that it took money to run a church, and I should leave if wouldn’t tithe and go elsewhere.   It is important to the story that I was not balking at tithing, which at one time I did to that fellowship near me in Central Maryland, and that the conversation was not about my tithing or not.  I was looking for a doctrinal foundation.    My point is that the “skin effect” in this fellowship’s thinking was such that one could hear from the pulpit that one was “making excuses” and so forth if they were asking questions, but nobody seemed to have a clear doctrinal foundation for the kinds of real questions that believers would ask.   In that one conversation, I was also told that my questions would not be heard.   The only “model” they had for someone asking for help in that area was “rebellious believer”.     Within the Vineyard community could be found people teaching some other idea than theirs.

A sort of salt-in-the-wound experience came around this time when the Senior Pastoral authority there wondered to me what all the fuss was, since I was, in his words “one of the most generous people I know!”.    In his mind, apparently,  “tithing” was about making people loosen their purse strings.  He couldn’t see someone on the edge of losing his faith, because the “skin effect” made him hear and see things that were not present.   He couldn’t even hear me pointing this out to him.    I.e.  if I were the least generous, or not even a believer, it would have no bearing on the questions I was posing, which were not about me.  Or him.

Now, you might have had similar questions, or different ones about different topics.  Five thousand year old dinosaur bones?   Really, 300,000 women and children trafficked against their will *within* the United States every year?    Or the such like.    The point I am trying to make is that people come into psychological bondage sometimes to their beliefs, and it is almost an affront to the very core of their being to get them to settle down and answer a question, because they are so determined — or so unable to do anything else — to project onto you the question you should be asking, the attitude you should be having, the averting of your eyes you should be doing.

The first Christian woman I dated between SCM I and SXM II was sure I was “picking and choosing” what scriptures to believe in my old-earth creationism.  It was ironic that she worked at that time for one of Pat Robertson’s outfits, a man who is an old earth creationist, like men from the Jewish sages, Augustine, Billy Graham, and C. S. Lewis.   But she couldn’t *hear* what I was saying, and what I was not saying.  The “skin effect” had created too much resistance in her; and she wasn’t even addressing me or my ideas; but an illusion in her mind.

Let God tear up the soil in your life; de-rock, de-harden it; fertilize and seed it.


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