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Credo #1: The Totality

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

He will help you find your way to healing.  To friendships.   To recovery – of both your faith and your understanding.  To your wholeness.  To your health insofar as it is capable of being recovered, both in the physical and spiritual sense.    He has not abandoned you, and will receive you.   He is still waiting at the door.   And He can still heal, and teach you to do so for others.  He never asked you to embrace falsehood or lies.   And He is still the way, truth, and the life.   In spite of all that this culture and life has done to you and about you, He is still Lord, and welcomes and enables those whose seek Him.  He will not turn you into a woman.   He will turn you into a man.