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Rooting for the Saints, so to speak

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Music, Reviews

I am, as it happens, one of the few males in North America who gives only superficial attention to football. My own athletic accomplishments in High School, such as they were, were in Cross Country running. Being that as it may, and being that this is Super Bowl Sunday; and being that the Saints are playing, I thought I’d share a bit of Christian music trivia.

Picture in your mind’s eye the tune of “House of the Rising Sun” — a song about a brothel in New Orleans. Then add the lyrics of “Amazing Grace.” The result is something like this.

edit: It so happens that the Saints won. I saw a clip on the tube to the efffect that the local Bishop, or Monsignor, or whomever, had performed Mass before the game wearing a Saints Jersey. Truly pulling out all the stops.


Here is a link to a good post by Men’s Rights Activist Novaseeker, who as it happens is an Eastern Orthodox Christian.

Here’s some music to fire up on youtube to listen to while you read it.

Come, worship the Lord!

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Commentary, Music

I address this post mainly to those in settings — or who have come out of settings — of Fundamentalism of one sort or the other; a strain of thought that I was influenced by to a degree as a younger man. Either tell me this Catholic man is not your brother in Him, or accept him as one, despite your differences, some of which are certainly profound.