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Posted: January 6, 2010 in Commentary, For brothers, Poetry

Paul Coughlin says that Christian songwriters need to “take the gloves off” and treat the Song of Solomon as the masculine love poetry that it is, without “spiritualizing” it. I agree. I cannot write either music or song; but I can come up with good verse from time to time, and so I have. It was not written in tribute or memory of anyone but it does come out of my experience as a previously married man.

I’ve made this posting because I have the sense from my experiences in the Evangelical world that some think that the idea of physical attraction is itself something wrong, or sinful — shades of gnosticism. My theory is that deep down we know that physical attraction is very powerful, and we are not sure of the capacity of our Christian lives, or of the working of the Holy Spirit within us, to channel and direct this attraction. Thus the conflicted thinking. I thought I would celebrate that God given aspect to our manly characters.


A missing piece of soul and mind, and
Echoes of Eden’s Gate. A return to the place
of dance. The secret place, a strand
‘twixt God’s ocean and their beach, His Grace
as well. Given for them and meant to be grand;
These hands on the latch of the other’s soul.
Trust and rest for the warrior bride; for her man
A place of wholeness and feeling whole.
They feel, in honesty, with the night above
Communion with three (the strongest cord) and
The weight and excellent honor of love.
No sorrow or shame in having one’s fill.
Eagle and rose and thorn and dove,
at the place of union, expressed in full.

Do something about it…

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Poetry

Well, single sisters, you know the pickle you are in given the disparities in numbers. I suggest you do something about it.

I give permission for all to widely distribute this prayer, written as a poem as a mnemonic device. Do something beyond virally distributing this across the Internet to all your readers: Actually pray.

For Them (The Prayer for Single Christian Men)

Father, for our brother’s sakes, we ask of you
that you would open the eyes of their hearts, to see
Your leadership, wisdom, and love; and a true
picture of their sonship. Help them be always free
of the love of this world, and to have courage. Soothe
the wounds of this world and the church on them.
Come against their sin with your Shepherd’s love,
Your rod of correction. Cut and polish the gems.
Bring Your staff against their enemies. Reconcile
their questions. Give danger and keep them safe,
teach them Your ways of war and peace; defile
the plans of the accuser. Give power from above
as they wait on You, and bring them back from exile.
We accept them as Your sons and as His brothers.