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If you are going to be more self-directed than most (and I think the unfolding chaos around us is going to call for this), then you must be more self-dsciplined.

Note that I did not exalt the will as the most important thing; nor did I say that your will makes a thing right for you or even good for you.


You had best become psychologically comfortable with being both masculine and male.

Single Christian man blogger Wintery Knight hits one out of the park.    The take away quote:


“One of my favorite questions to ask women who I am courting is “If we were married for a day, legally, and before God, what are some of the things that you would want to do to me and for me?”

If you are a single Christian woman and are wondering if this is narcissistic and where this is going, please consider that many of your sisters have not yet heard that there are two people in a marital relationship, or have glossed this over.      Asking the question the other way is fine, too.


You are commanded to be weak in your will towards Him. Not to organizations or people.

Ask her if she thinks anger is equal to murder; as some think Christ equates them in His teaching. Ask her if she thinks a man can divorce his wife if she desires for a single moment for a man that does not belong to her. Ask her if she thinks she can biblically divorce a husband for seeing and reacting to porn.

If she does not respect you while dating, she will not respect you while married.

Seen on the interwebs: Men are like Bluetooth; and women are like Wi-Fi. Women are like Wi-Fi because she sees all available devices and connects with the strongest one; and men are like Bluetooth because they connect to the device they are near to; and seek to connect to another device if the first one is not near.

Now, this is intended as satire that contains a kernel of truth; so one does not need to go all Vulcan about it. One needs to ruminate on this because that kernel of truth is ignored at the cost that comes with ignoring any truth. You will be happier as a man in a relationship if you are strong; and so will she. She will be happy if she can rest in the quality and durability of the connection she has with you; and you want in your soul to be able to trust both her and yourself.