Why our happiness is so sad

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Commentary, For brothers, Other people's writing

This powerful piece by Paul Coughlin is truly something to meditate upon, particularly if you are a pastor or church leader who looks anything at all like the individuals described in it.

Nearly prophetic in its power.

  1. Ame says:

    this is powerful. not only is there the happiness mentality … there’s the, “just don’t bother me with *this* b/c it doesn’t fit into my agenda/framework/organization” mentality. when i called my church, who knew what i was going thru, for help (not something i had ever done before), i did not fit into their ‘organization’ of how they *ministered* to people, so they couldn’t help me. i wasn’t even asking for money, just someone to come over and help and exhausted single mommy with two young, sick children. and you know what they actually did offer? money to pay someone to come clean my house. i refused it.

  2. ms. jhonson says:

    i love this phargarh.
    you wirte amazing.
    you have powerful words in you.
    i like you dont use so many and like me.
    you the best
    i like how you use detalis.
    is this true.
    you have powerful beggins.
    when you wirte how does it make you feel.
    what is your dreams.

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